The permanent gallery plots Heath Robinson's life and illustrates it with objects, and original and reproduction artworks.
 The detail and execution of Heath Robinson's ink illustrations is breathtaking
 The interpretive scheme floats inside the ultramodern interior
 Original watercolours by Heath Robinson are displayed alongside his better-known works
 The wallpaper itself is one big canvas that ties together the other works
 The horizontal reader surface flows like paper from a printing press
 The high-level reproductions are individually lit with profile lighting
 The individually lit reproductions illuminate the room like lanterns
 The delicate use of natural wood and cast concrete allow the paper-based artworks to take centre stage
 The arrangement of real works was coordinated to the millimetre with the digitally-printed wallpaper backing
 The entrance to the permanent gallery is guarded by one of Heath Robinson's lesser-known characters
 Uncle Lubin floats away in his magical airship
 The flowing 'lifeline' story delicately arcs from surface to surface
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