Steven Frank was the first to be filmed and questioned
 Rudi Oppenheimer getting into the swing of how the process works
 Group shot with Rudi. 
 An audience completely immersed in the survivor's story
 Joan Salter enjoying telling her story
 Steven Mendelsson enjoying the cameraderie of the film crew.
 Inside the control room
 One very hot studio
 The amazing Renee Salt 
 Renee Salt having completed the marathon 1,000-question sessions
 Steven Frank sitting in the hot seat
 Team talk in between filming sessions
 Only 1,000 questions to go
 The questioner sitting behind the 3D camera rig
 Arek Hersch being shown his 3D body scan
 Arek Hersch about to begin his question sessions
 Martin Stern entertaining the film crew in between sessions
 Martin Stern the technophile enjoying finding out about the process
 Martin Stern being preparatory scanned
 Janine Webber wearing a huge smile
 Questioner coming to terms with another 500 questions
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